Living So That Book Club

Living So That Book Club

Living So That Book ClubHello dear friends. I know that last week I was absent from my blog and I don’t like when that happens, but there are times where it’s unavoidable.

I am back now and want to talk to you about the new book club/ bible study that will be starting here in less than a month!

I am so excited and I have put TONS of thought into the book that I have picked. Living So That by Wendy Blight is a 5 week study that will walk us through the “so that” verses of the bible and show us how to live a faith filled life.

We all want to have a great relationship with Him and to do so we must be in His word daily. This study will put you in the midst of His amazing story and have you digging deeper to make that connection we all so desperately want.

So, you might be asking…How will the study work and what do I need to do to join?

1. Subscribe to my blog. This is where all of the weekly posts will be and you want to make sure you see them. The easiest way is to make sure you are subscribed so that you can have them delivered directly to your email inbox.

2. Join the FB group. There is a private Facebook group just for this study. This is where all of the conversation will take place. Don’t worry…the only people that will be able to see anything you say are the ones inside the group so you have the freedom to share your thoughts openly.

3. There are 5 chapters to Living So That and inside each chapter are 5 parts. We will have one part for each day {M-F} of the week.  Monday – Friday I will post 1 discussion question each day in the FB group for us to chat about. Daily check-in is best, but with the format of the study, even if you happen to fall behind or can‘t make it to the group each day, the questions will always be there for you to come back to later.

Pretty simple…right?!?!?!

Living So That Reading Plan

Things you will need for the study.

  • The book Living So That by Wendy Blight which you can find at most book stores, or order online.
  • Your Bible
  • A Journal —You can write in the book, but if you are like me, there is always a need for more space and a journal fills that need. Or you can even use a spiral notebook. Whatever you prefer.
  • Pens/Markers/Highlighters/Etc — I love highlighting, underlining, and bringing color to the words that stand out.
  • Note cards —These are not required, but I love using note cards to keep important quotes, scripture, etc on so that I can just flip through them an find encouragement and inspiration.

So, if you want to join the study, subscribe, join the group, and get your study items together.

I can’t wait to walk this new path with you and study through Living So That together.

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